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Digital Technical Consultant
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Cars of the future

Automotive companies are challenged with innovating more complex, diverse, integral and high-tech autonomous products and solutions. The order of magnitude is rising as we collectively search for a more efficient and programmable car.  A combination of technological key areas are required to come together when solving the autonomous vehicle challenge.

AI, ML, embedded hardware and software solutions all play a key role in automotive technology, guidance systems, control systems, sensors, real time data analytics and high speed communication over internal networks. Communication infrastructure is key and thus the telecommunications industry and the 5G infrastructure within that market all culminate in supporting the automotive industry.

Chipright has delivered design services within the automotive technological domain by utilizing a proven pool of highly skilled senior level engineering resources. We have the capacity to supply the market with the right skill at the right price in the right location at the right time.

New clients often ask us about projects we have worked on and implemented over time in the automotive market space. They also ask us about the resource pool we use on these projects. We respect the curiosity but also respect our clients NDA’s. Thus, whilst we are restricted from conveying specific information about the R&D technological projects we continually work on, we can provide a brief snapshot of some of the work without disclosing our customers detailed project information here.

Case Study 1 – Automotive radar transceiver FMCW working at 76-81GHz 

  • Analog Mixed Signal and Digital Mixed Signal verification
  • AMS SystemVerilog assertion-based verification
  • DMS UVM environment development
  • Verification of modules:
    • TX front-end transmitter
    • IQ Phase Rotator
    • PSDAC
    • MIPI CSI-2 controller
    • BIST module
    • SFT Sensors
    • Regulators
  • Creation/calibration of Verilog AMS/Wreal models: Voltage monitors, Switches, Buffers, PSDAC, SarADC
  • Responsible for AMS and DMS speed improvement.
  • Wreal/Verilog-AMS models optimization


Case Study 2 – Design and Verification of Multi Voltage Power Management for Automotive

  • Derivative of a previous design for car engine management
  • Restructured the RTL using VHDL
  • Added new power domain, edited state machines and added one-time programmable memory
  • GPIO, test MUXs, clock MUXs and maintained the top-level RTL
  • Verification environment maintenance UVM


Case Study 3 – SoC Level Verification of 16 channel automotive LED driver with CAN-FD bus Interface and Cortex M0 Arm CPU core

  • Defined test plans
  • Developed the verification environment.
  • Test development both in C and SystemVerilog UVM
  • Run regression on RTL/Gate level


Other information

Our experienced consultant engineers can:

  • Perform System and Software design
  • Modify and integrate embedded systems to fit different applications
  • Perform Unit, Module & System Testing
  • Develop a tailored solution all the way through a complete life-cycle to reach product standard

Our engineers have proven experience with

  • IA Cores
  • Arm Cores
  • Texas Instruments Cores
  • C / C++, Perl, PHP, Python
  • ADA Programming Language
  • Assembler Language
  • Linux Drivers & Kernel development
  • Xilinx FPGA’s
  • Atlera FPGA’s
  • PCIe
  • Ethernet
  • USB
  • LTE
  • Flash, DRAM
  • Peripherals including SPI, UART, I2C, CCP, CAN, Flexray
  • Virtualization of SW code on multiple cores (Multi-thread)



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