Analog & Mixed Signal (AMS)

Analog & Mixed Signal Chipright

Chipright’s Analog/Mixed Signal engineers have decades of experience in the semiconductor industry and possess a proven track record and a strong background in covering the complete Integrated Circuit (IC) and ASIC design cycle.

We cover the specification, architectural design, layout, verification, and testing of ICs and PCBs for numerous Analog/Mixed Signal circuit designs with functional blocks containing sensors, amplifiers, filters, data converters, signal processing, communication interfaces and power management.

Our engineers have experience of designing solutions for Analog functional blocks including Bandgaps, Bias, Op-Amps, Switched-cap circuits, LDOs, High Speed DAC/ADC, SERDES and Low Power Analog IC Design

We design solutions using key technologies such as Baseband, DC-DC, PLL, CMOS/BiCMOS, Technology nodes down to 4nm, SiGe, DRC extract parasitic layout data, LVS and FinFET process nodes.

The markets we serve include industrial (including IIoT & Embedded solutions), wireless and wired communications, healthcare, consumer, automotive and aerospace. Our engineers have a deep familiarity with application functional blocks.

Industrial Automation Applications

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Additional information about our work…

  • We conduct Analog/Mixed Signal simulation, layout, verification and validation for IC and ASIC designs using the various tools including Spectre Simulator, and Cadence Virtuoso Schematic/Layout.
  • We perform Analog/Mixed Signal simulations on circuit level (Spice) and system level (VHDL-A/Verilog-A/SystemC/Matlab/NCSIM).
  • Our engineers are experienced in designing low-power CMOS circuits for sensor systems and sensor signal processing.
  • Our engineers participate in silicon bring up and characterisation testing with support for silicon bring up activities and the validation of silicon prototypes in the lab.


Our engineers work well in a team environment, capable of transferring and applying their knowledge to evolve the project to a successful outcome. They can work stand-alone either on-site or off-site as they are proactive problem solvers.


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