ISO9001 Quality Management System Certification

Quality – ISO9001 Certified

Chipright was awarded the ISO9001 certification for its Quality Management System in April 2023.

We are committed to sourcing engineers in order to supply consulting services which exceed the needs and expectations of our customers and satisfy any related regulatory and statutory requirements. The company and management team underwent a transformational process through implementing best practice project management techniques to achieve the certification for the ultimate benefit of all our stakeholders.

Our internal structures, policies and procedures are geared towards enabling a world-class sourcing and selection process. The process contains a series of well defined steps that are implemented in stages by a highly trained and talented internal team. Our policies and procedures are underpinned with criteria sets that are focused on ensuring we meet our collective deliverable to our customers.

We built the process through listening and engaging with our customers and wider stakeholder base for the ultimate benefit of ensuring their projects are resourced correctly. Our care programs are built to manage the engineers through the lifecycle of their project, ensuring continuous engagement to facilitate our internal requirements of monitoring and controlling the process.

A copy of Chipright’s Quality Policy Statement sets out our commitment to implementing all aspects of the standard. In order to meet these commitments, the Company maintains a Quality Management System, which complies with the requirements of the latest edition of ISO 9001. Executive management defines and communicates appropriate and measurable quality objectives, in line with the Company quality policy, covering all areas of the organization.


The certifications awarded to the company from the NSAI (National Standards Authority Ireland) can be viewed here:

ISO9001 Cert:    19.7464 Chipright Ltd 9001 2015 INAB Cert

IQNET Cert:       19.7464 Chipright Ltd 9001 2015 IQNet Cert


Chipright is committed to maintaining the ISO9001 certification and implementing a continuous improvement process as required by the standard for the benefit of all our stakeholders.


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