Right first time

Our belief in wanting to get the project done right first time is embodied in our name. Yes, we want the customers chip built right first time. At Chipright, we like to do activities once – not twice. We built our internal workflow and quality control procedures to deliver success right from the start of project initiation. We encourage and develop a continuous improvement mindset where everyone understands our company’s objectives and their individual roles in achieving them right first time.



Compete to win

To achieve a winning scenario for Chipright, we require a win-win situation to exist so that we supply competitively priced products to our customers for the benefit of Chipright and its supplier to ensure repeat business on all sides.


We recognize the need to be customer orientated, think like our customers and be obsessed in wanting to deliver the right resources to the customer for the ultimate benefit of their project. Our strategy of ‘listening, ‘being attentive’ and ‘being curious’ form a key part of our market intelligence activity such that we can uncover and maximize the opportunities inside our market.


Our reputation for delivering senior level engineers that are experts in their field gives us our competitive advantage. We compete to win through strategic competitive pricing, quality management, sales and marketing policy implementation which collectively deliver a strong growth pattern in the market.



Be Focused

In Chipright, we are focused on our niche contracting market, understanding the fast-paced resourcing industry that engineers are supplied into. Collectively, we understand that by taking control of implementing our internal work processes, candidate care, customer care and managing the project workflow is what will deliver success to Chipright.


The efficiency in communicating verbally with customers and suppliers is what counts.



Build Bridges

Our business is built upon relationships – business to business relationships – which we never take personally.


Collectively, we value the relationships that exist between our internal team, customers and suppliers. We believe the core values of honesty, trust, respect and forgiveness affect the heart of every relationship. Our goal is to want to be easy to work and communicate with.


Being professional to us is not about wearing a suit. It’s about being competent at your job, maintaining a positive attitude, displaying good judgement and having the discipline to remain composed, courteous and respectful always.


We always look to build bridges, not to break them. Bridges are built by teams with integrity, togetherness and a desire to commit to the completion of the activity.

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