Customer Care Program

Our Customer Care program is built upon a single specific goal, which is to bring success to our customers project.


We will achieve our goal by delivering on our promises right first time in a well-structured communication environment. We measure our goal by implementing periodic reviews and analysis of our care program with our customers inputs to deliver a continuous improvement process that will reaffirm our ability to deliver on our goal.



Chipright care about our customer’s projects and ensure the required communication channels are setup, monitored and controlled in delivering a project. Our customer care program contains a well-defined and structured process to facilitate periodic review of any aspects of the project being undertaken at your organization.


Our corporate care policy is the standard we set for ourselves when we engage any customer. It is the definitive standard that our customers have come to value and leverage so that they can maximize the time they spend communicating with Chipright to deliver their own internal goals.


To receive information about our corporate customer care program, please reach out to our customer success team and they will provide you with the information you require.





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