Corporate Care Program 

Our corporate team care program is built upon a single specific value, which is to care for our team members, engineers and customers.


We recognize the importance of having all parties align on the same set of values. Our core values are the fundamental building blocks on which all decisions are made within Chipright for the benefit of our team members, engineers and customers.


We will achieve our company goals by delivering on our promises right first time through making good decisions based upon our core values.


We measure our corporate care program by implementing periodic reviews and analysis of the program with all stakeholders to ensure we deliver a continuous improvement process that will reaffirm our commitment to our core values.


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Amazing Customer Service – Recognition

Our corporate care program is well recognized within our core client base. Our attention to detail and our ability to go above and beyond our clients expectations is what counts.  In more recent times, our peers have come to learn about our care program and they often praise us on aspects of it.


You can read about Chipright’s Amazing Customer Service in this book – which was published in 2020 by Oisin Browne


Oisin Book


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