Chipright Team Care Program

Our internal Chipright team care program is built upon a single specific goal, which is to provide our team with a support structure that will bring success to our suppliers in delivering our customers project.


That support structure is there for the benefit of our internal teams so that they have the correct tools required to implement the role they each play in bringing success to Chipright and our end customers.


We measure our goal by implementing periodic reviews and analysis of our care program with our teams inputs to deliver a continuous improvement process that will reaffirm our ability to deliver on our goal.




Chipright care about the goals and career aspirations of our employees. We recognize they work in a demanding environment, challenged to solve the problem of access to engineering resources in a highly competitive marketplace. Our team work in an environment where project deadlines are critical to the success of our clients micro-chip products. Those challenges require skill, attention to detail, motivation, energy and a willingness to work in a time efficient manner to deliver the right resource at the right time in the right location at the right price.


Chipright ensure the required communication channels are setup, monitored and controlled in delivering a project. Our team care program contains a well-defined, structured and platform to facilitate giving our team the best chance of success.  Our team care policy is the standard we set for  ourselves.


It is the definitive standard that our team have come to value and leverage so that they can upskill and enjoy their working environment.



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