Mission statement

Chipright aims to be the top rated, high performance supplier of electronic consulting engineers worldwide. We will achieve it by delivering projects right first time, through value added engineering services in a well structured communication environment.


Customer FAQ’s

     What we do?

     Where we fit?

     What is the benefit of using Chipright?

     What is it that Chipright do so well for their customers? 

     How do Chipright align to their clients so well?



What we do?

Chipright is a strategic partner for electronic consulting engineers. We supply senior level consulting engineers that are experts within their field of competence to technology projects in the micro-electronics industry.


We qualify our customers project resource requirements to our internal know-how and if they meet our on-boarding acceptance criteria, we will source, interview, supply and manage the engineering resources to your project. Chipright play the role of a resourcing department for our customers projects and deliver a value-added service to them through a communication infrastructure that is built upon the industry standard project management professional flow (PMP).


Chipright communicate with the engineering and procurement departments that are responsible for ensuring the project resources are available to deliver the project in a structured environment. We take ownership of our responsibilities with respect to the account management activity in the project from start to finish and work with your organization to complete the project as required.


We strive to be a high performing supplier to your organization.



Where we fit?

Our corporate policies and structure directly fit and align to the communication, resourcing and procurement processes that multinational companies deploy, making Chipright a value-added partner within their supply chain. We align to their project management infrastructure to deliver R&D projects with exceptional engineering resources.


Our corporate policies, procedures and daily work routine methods are built upon the PMP (Project Management Professional) standard and our acceptance of our responsibilities in delivering value-added services within that professional capacity is what makes Chipright a key strategic partner and asset to our customer base.



What are the benefits of using Chipright?

Access to a proven pool of electronic engineering talent that is delivered to our customers at an affordable cost in a short space of time are the real and substantial benefits that Chipright bring to the table for clients.


The time and materials involved in searching, sourcing, interviewing, offering and placing an engineering candidate into a project is a costly process. If it was easy – anyone could do it! Thus, understanding the true cost of the complete process and the management of each engineer through the lifecycle of the project results in an efficient use of your time, funds and energy by choosing Chipright to be your supplier of choice.


We will save you money in the long run.



What is it that Chipright do so well for their Customers?

Chipright listen to our customers requirements and qualify them using our internal quality control procedures to understand if the requirement can be filled and delivered in time, cost and quality. Our internal account managers will do this by following an internal set of best practice guidelines.


  • We align your project requirement with respect to our collective T&C’s,
  • We accept your budget guidelines and qualify the project internally to our internal on-boarding criteria,
  • We position the project and sell it in as positive a light as we can to attract interest from engineers,
  • We source the engineers from a proven pool of talent,
  • We interview and screen the engineers from a technical, financial and motivational perspective,
  • We engage and manage engineers through the lifecycle of a project (Engineering team care program),
  • We finance the payment to the engineers through the lifecycle of a project (Engineering team care program)
  • We manage the entire account at your organization through well-defined and controlled communication channel (Customer care program)


How do Chipright align to their clients so well?

Chipright assume your organization utilizes the PMP or similar management equivalent. Chipright align to this structure in your organization by identifying the key stakeholders from our organization that need to be added to the stakeholder register within your overall project charter.


We issue our key strategic stakeholder information to the customer so as they interact with it as needed.

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