AMS Verification Engineers

Salary: Very Attractive Rate
Location: N/A
Contract Lead
Analog Mixed Signal Verification Engineers
Analog competences:
    • Knowledge of most common analog circuits schematic
    • Knowledge of schematic entry tools
    • Experienced with analog simulators such as Spectre, AFS
Digital competences:
    • Knowledge of some HDL languages such as Verilog, SystemVerilog, VerilogA/VerilogAMS
    • Experienced digital simulators such as Xcelium, Questa or VCS
    • (nice to have) Experienced with Assertions like PSL or SVA etc
    • (nice to have) Basic knowledge of OVM/UVM/VMM environments and methodology
Modeling and scripting competences:
    • Experienced in Real Number Modeling in SystemVerilog or VerilogAMS language for discrete-time behavioral models of analog blocks
    • (nice to have) , Knowledge of scripting languages like Perl/Python/Tcl