Area of expertise: FPGA Design & Validation
Core Technologies: Aerospace
Experience: 25 years
Time On Site: 50%
Digital design and design management:
-Extensive experience in system specifications, design definition, performance and cost evaluation, planning, design management, design for signal integrity and EMC compatibility.
-Digital hardware design according to avionic RTCA/DO-254 design guidelines (FPGA, systems, boards).
-Digital hardware design according to ECSS-Q-ST-60-02 design guidelines (FPGA for space).
-Analysis, selection and implementation of digital signal processing algorithms.
-Hardware verification and test: signal integrity simulation, test bench development in HDL, exten-sive laboratory experience.
Application SW Packages:Cadence (xcelium, schematic entry, high speed design tools); Mentor Graphics (schematic entry, HDL Designer, Modelsim, Hyperlinx); Aldec RivieraPro; FPGA?s development environments (Actel, Xilinx, Altera and Lattice), synthe-sis tools (Synplify, Leonardo), version management tools (Mercurial, Clear-Case, CVS/SVN, Perforce), Doors, ReqTrace