There is no right or wrong way to write a CV but there are some common sections you should cover. These include: personal and contact information; education and qualifications; work history and/or experience; relevant skills to the job in question; own interests, achievements or hobbies; and some references

Chipright ultimate CV tip 1:
Ask an impartial friends opinion on the layout/look of your CV



It is vital to choose a legible and presentable font type and size that is easy on the eye. We at Chipright advise using Helvetica, Times New Roman or Arial for your CV.

Remember paragraphs are your friends! To aid the hiring manager locate your vital information on your CV, use paragraphs. Chipright also recommend having a separate section for your various technical skills, software and hardware knowledge, systems, processes.

Chipright ultimate CV tip 2:
Use larger font sizes for headings and use bullet points where applicable.



The job description gives the exact skills and experience needed to be successful in your application, so read the details from start to finish.

Take notes and create bullet points, highlighting how your experiences suits the requirements for the position whilst being mindful of the areas where you’re lacking, fill in the blanks by adapting the skills you do have.

Provide plenty of detailed information about the projects you have worked on (well as much as your NDA allows!), never assume that the manager will know what you can do.

Chipright ultimate CV tip 3:
If the job in question requires someone with verification experience, highlight how you have verified the design and the practices/methodologies, tools used, protocols and block types used



It is easy to have a generic CV providing an overall summery of your skills/experience. At Chipright we advise that you create a CV specifically for the role you are applying for.

Highlighting your specific matching skills/experience for your chosen role, whilst providing feedback on extracurricular experience/skills, is vital for attracting your future employer’s interest. They will not pre-empt how your skills/experience will match their needs. It is up to you to tell them.

Chipright ultimate CV tip 4:
Be sure to add important keywords to your CV, the managers know how to use Ctrl+F!


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