FinFET – What is it and how can Chipright help

FinFET – What is it and how can Chipright help

FinFET – What is it and how can Chipright help

Circa 1958, Texas Instruments built what today is classed as the first IC (integrated circuit). Less than 60 years later we have now advanced to IC’s which contain in excess of 1 billion transistors and thanks to the importance of the smartphone generation, people are walking around with a device millions of times more powerful than all of NASA’s combined computing in 1969.

This scale of growth has resulted from a continuous scaling of transistors and other improvements in the Silicon manufacturing process. The transistor count on today’s advanced multicore processors is reaching the 3 billion ranges – a long way from the 6800 processor of the mid 1970s that had just 5000 transistors.

A huge contribute to this advancement in the transistor count is FinFET technology.

Techdesignforums explain: “The finFET is a transistor design, first developed by Chenming Hu and colleagues at the University of California at Berkeley, which attempts to overcome the worst types of short-channel effect encountered by deep submicron transistors, such as drain-induced barrer lowering (DIBL). These effects make it harder for the voltage on a gate electrode to deplete the channel underneath and stop the flow of carriers through the channel – in other words, to turn the transistor Off. By raising the channel above the surface of the wafer instead of creating the channel just below the surface, it is possible to wrap the gate around up to three of its sides, providing much greater electrostatic control over the carriers within it.”

Chipright are delighted to work with many of the world’s top FinFET technologists working in both Analog,Digital & Mixed Signal environments, supplying this talent to many of the world’s premier semiconductor companies. Disciplines Chipright have experience supplying engineering services in are:

 Digital Engineering:

  • FinFET ASIC/FPGA Design
  • FinFET ASIC/FPGA Physical Design
  • FinFET ASIC/FPGA Verification


Analog Engineering:

  • FinFET Analog Design
  • FinFET Analog Physical Design
  • FinFET Analog Test
  • FinFET Analog Verification


Chipright have a proven track record in assisting the world’s premier semiconductor companies in staffing their project by supplying, either single engineers or entire teams of engineers. We have experience work to lower to lower node sizes such as 28nm, 14nm, 7nm and 4nm on Digital, Analog and Mixed Signal projects across many industry domains.

Primarily engineers will have in excess of 10 years industry experience and shall have just under 5 years working with finFET tech.

To learn more about how Chipright can assist with your latest project, contact us using the button below or why not use our instant chat function (right)