AMS Layout with finFET experience

Salary: Attractive Rate
Location: N/A
Contract Lead
The Layout Engineer will work closely with circuit designers. The layouts are for analog and mixed signal circuits, high speed SerDes I/O, PLLs and ESD structures. 
-Previous experience doing analog matching requirements is essential.
-Experience working on various analog IP blocks including PLLs, ADC, DAC, Bandgap reference and other high speed connectivity circuits.

-Solid understanding of parasitic RC delay, signal integrity and EM Deep sub-micron CMOS layout experience 16nm and smaller geometries.
-Previous exposure to 10nm, 7nm, or 5nm would be a big advantage.

-Previous experience using Cadence virtuoso tool.
-Familiarity of layout techniques for device matching, minimize parasitic, high speed routing.
-Knowledge  of layout extractions, verification methods including LVS, DRC and ERC checks.
-Chip planning and block implementation.
Ability to plan and estimate layout schedules.
Ability to work with designers and good communication skills.


  • finFET
  • ADC
  • DAC
  • PLL
  • Bandgap
  • cadence
  • high speed SERDES