ADA 2005 Software Prorgammer - Aerospace Sensors

Salary: Very Attractive Rate
Contract Lead
Chipright seeks highly motivated and experienced Embedded SW Engineers to work remotely in a customer facing role. This is a fantastic opportunity for talented, highly driven engineers that have experience with Aerospace projects - specifically primary sensors on the aircraft.

Our client requires legacy code to be updated. The code base is written using ADA 2005 programming language.
The code and underlying base structures need to be structured to facilitate for the project to pass the SOI certification process.

The requirements are written in DOORS and the Low Level Requirements need to be untangled to align with the software code - to facilitate project completion.
The project is mission critical - and thus the requirement is for engineers with proven experience in this field of expertise.  

Required skills:
  • Ada 2005 programming Language
  • DO178C objectives for Requirements and Design phases
  • Requirement engineering
  • Design techniques and capture in LLR
  • Trace optimization
  • Understanding of aeronautical terms (pitch, roll, yaw, normal, fore, aft)
  • Understanding of logic (including graphics for logic circuitry)



  • ADA 2005
  • DO187C
  • DO187B
  • Firmware
  • Doors
  • LLR
  • Low Level Requirements
  • Aerospace
  • Graphics
  • Pitch
  • Roll
  • Yaw