Area of expertise: RF
Core Technologies: Aerospace
Experience: 25 years
Time On Site: 0%
Principal Electronics Engineer 
-30 years experience with electronic design in receivers, transmitters, power electronics, analogue electronics and 
digital systems.
-20 years experience with RF and analogue simulation software: MWO, ADS and LTSpice.
-20 years PCB layout experience mainly with Eagle.
-20 years experience with embedded systems: 8032, PIC micro-controllers and Arduino.
-10 years experience managing others.
-3D printing: Blender, Cura and Ender 3D printers.
-Software Defined Radios: GNU Radio and RTL SDR.
-Microsoft Office and LibreOffice.
-Expert with both modern and old test equipment: oscilloscope, spectrum analyserr, network analyser, signal 
generator, arbitrary waveform generator, component characterisation etc