Area of expertise: Analog Layout
Core Technologies: 5G
Experience: 19 years
Time On Site: 0%
Analog/RF Layout finFET team

-Implementation of Custom ESD structures
-Top Level block delivery (PLL, Low-speed Transceiver -7nm FinFET TSMC)
-Hot Plug design/layout for Thunderbolt
-IO Low-speed Transceiver (Display port Plug Detector) (16nm, 7nm FinFET)
-IO drivers operating @3.3V (16nm FINFET)
-Comparators, Amplifiers, Current mirrors, Filters, Level Shifters, Passives
-Charge Pump, Phase frequency Detector, VCO Design/Layout
-Pixel Design/Layout for X-rays imaging Mixed Signal Circuits
-Amplifiers, mixed-signal processing modules, clock recovery systems, PLLs, data converters, PWM controllers and DC-DC converters
-Layout of RF blocks, clock recovery systems, amplifiers, PLLs, data converters and DC-DC converters, High speed cells ,PLL and TX.
-RF, PLL & ADC for KU frequencies.
-Pad-ring, ESD, Rad-hard Layout
-Amplifiers, Bandgaps, Temp-sense, LFSR, Filters
-Hot Plug design/layout for Thunderbolt
-Level Shifters, Hot Plug Detector, Pixel Design