Area of expertise: Software
Core Technologies: Machine Learning (ML)
Experience: 15 years
Time On Site: 50%
Experienced Software Engineer working in design and development using C# over .Net and .Net Compact Framework. 
Experienced working with Java EE software architecture and development and using C++ for Symbian OS and J2ME.
Skilled with requirements analysis, UML and unit testing. Worked to a test driven development (TDD) model where all methods are tested with JUnit and Arquillian , in a real application server, before they are delivered. Installed and maintained continuous integration systems with Jenkins and Sonar, enabling the software quality tacking through periodic test executions and static code analysis.
Work with UML, JEE 6, EJB 3.1, JPA, JTA, JBoss 7, Infinispan (data grid), Drools (rules engine), REST, XMPP, JSON, PosgreSQL 9, JUnit , Arquillian , Jenkins, Sonar, Redmine , Eclipse , Maven 3, Linux and CVS.
Experience with SQL, PL-PGSQL, Perl and Matlab.
Experience with Mobile and Machine to Machine (M2M) applications platforms.