Area of expertise: Test Engineering
Core Technologies: Aerospace
Experience: 20 years
Time On Site: 25%
Project Management of ASIC developments within harsh domains (space, military, automotive). Experienced in ASIC characterization, qualification and production (high volumes abroad). Definition, development and validation of tests on all 
product types (ASIC's, Digital) in the fields of space,aeronautic and automotive (AECQ-100). Project and Product
Management from engineering to mass production including definition, development and validation of tests on CMOS optical sensors (smartphones, optical mouse, webcam).
Cross-functional teams management with guarantee of performance and quality of project execution (technical review of customer specs and quality reports). Working to lead-times 
and costs defined for projects. Interface with customers/suppliers. Fully remote work capability 
with on-site visits (customers, subcons...). Worked with standards including ESCC9000, MIL-STD-883, AECQ-100, ECSS-Q-ST-70-38C, ISO9001 2015.ATE test program coding, Wafer probing (6", 8", 12").