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Our experience with software includes supporting our customer base that spans a wide range of technologies, primarily in the embedded software space, including:

  • Automotive (Infotainment systems, In-Car connectivity)
  • Medical (Temperature Monitoring System)
  • Aerospace (Sensor Calibration System)
  • IoT (Vending Machine System)
  • Home Automation (Alarm System, Electricity Monitor System)


Our experienced consultant engineers can:

  • Perform System and Software design
  • Modify and integrate embedded systems to fit different applications
  • Perform Unit, Module & System Testing
  • Develop a tailored solution all the way through a complete life-cycle to reach product standard


Our consultants have vast experience with

  • Intel Architecture Cores (IA)
  • Arm Cores
  • Texas Instruments Cores
  • C / C++, Perl, PHP, Python
  • Assembler Language
  • Linux Drivers & Kernel development
  • PCIe
  • Ethernet
  • USB
  • LTE
  • Flash, DRAM
  • Peripherals including SPI, UART, I2C, CCP, CAN, Flexray
  • Virtualisation of SW code on multiple cores (Multi-thread)


Chipright’s engineers work well in a team environment, capable of transferring and applying their knowledge to evolve the project to a successful outcome. They can work stand-alone either on-site or off-site as they are proactive problem solvers.

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