Analog/mixed signal

we know it's not i/o!

Chipright’s engineers have decades of experience in the semiconductor industry and possess a proven track record and a strong background in the design, layout, verification, and testing of ICs and PCBs for numerous spheres such as power management, data converters, filter design and Image sensors.

Areas we can support:

  • Baseband
  • DC-DC, PLL
  • Technology nodes down to 4nm
  • SiGe
  • DRC extract parasitic layout data
  • LVS
  • FinFET process nodes
  • Low Power Analog IC Design

And have worked on Analog blocks including:

  • Bandgaps
  • Bias
  • Op-Amps
  • Switched-cap circuits
  • LDOs
  • High Speed DAC/ADC


Our engineers have implemented the full Analog/Mixed Signal IC development cycle (including concept, specification, system design, transistor-level circuit design, Analog/Mixed Signal simulation, layout, verification, validation using the various tools including Spectre Simulator, and Cadence Virtuoso Schematic/Layout. We have performed Analog/Mixed Signal simulations on circuit level (Spice) and system level (VHDL-A/Verilog-A/SystemC/Matlab/NCSIM). Our engineers have designed low-power CMOS circuits for sensor systems and sensor signal processing.

Our consultants have participated in silicon bring up and characterisation testing with support for silicon bring up activities and the validation of silicon prototypes in the lab. They work well in a team environment, capable of transferring and applying their knowledge to evolve the project to a successful outcome. They can work stand-alone either on-site or off-site as they are proactive problem solvers.


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