Analog & Mixed Signal Designer with ADC experience

Salary: very attractive rate
Analog & Mixed Signal Designer with SAR ADC Design experience 
  • Vast experience working on updates to an existing SAR ADC interface
  • The low-level interface to this ADC must be redesigned to work with a new ADC currently being designed.
  • There is also a input mux to the ADC which has expanded. The interface handles control of this mux, and has configurable priority to different sources.
  • The ADC is going to be instantiated twice in the design, and additional flexibility is needed to support the second use case.
  • There is an existing SystemVerilog/UVM testbench for the ADC which can be updated and used to verify the changes.
  • The ADC interface must be integrated into the design in both locations where it is required.
  • Chip-level tests to verify its correct integration should be updated, and new ones added for the second instantiation.