Consultant Wellbeing Advice

in 2018, be the change you want to see

We here at Chipright value our colleagues wellbeing. We want to create a work environment that promotes and supports the mental & physical well being of all colleges and our consultants.

We believe the way we value and support our consultants reflects who we are as a company. This has always been important to us ― it’s the right thing to do and core to be a sustainable, successful company.

In addition to our focus on physical health and wellness, we have come up with 7 habits that can improve your work performance daily.

‘Quality is not an act, it is a habit’

A new year has approached, and a lot of people have great intentions to achieve their goals both personal and professional. Many people have high performance expectations for themselves and can feel disappointed with their lack of progress in any of their desirable goals. Instead of setting unreachable goals and putting a strain on yourself, why not implement small simple working habits to make for a more efficient productive day in whatever job you are in.
A habit can be broken or created in 21 days so here is a list of small habits that once they are created they can make your working day efficient and more importantly, more productive.

Fuel your body in the morning to set a healthy precedent for yourself. A cup of coffee is not breakfast. It will certainly give you a quick burst of energy but within a few hours it will leave you feeling sluggish and wanting to indulge in them sugary cravings. Eating right in the morning can give you the energy and mental clarity  that you they need to be fully engaged and focused.

While we depend on technology to help us in all aspects at work it can also take up a lot of our time. People tend to wake up and reach for their phone straight away. This is not how we were born. One habit that can be very beneficial is to turn your phone or email off first thing in the morning. Once you have blocked off all distractions from technology, people know not to disturb you. This will limit the number of times that you have to take your mind away from the task at hand and switch your focus to someone else’s request.
Of course, you want to take breaks every now and then to mindlessly scroll through social media that does not require much thought. However, if you spend too much time on these pointless pastimes especially in the morning, you are taking the most productive part of the day away from your work.

Do Your MITs First, Leo Babauta developed a very simple idea to help people increase their productivity. The idea is to identify your MITs (most important tasks) and get them out of the way in the morning. This way, no matter what else you get accomplished that day, your MITs will be completed. More importantly it can put you in fantastic mood and move on to your task list from there.

A lot of us have pop up alerts on our email and other communication applications, when we receive a notification and reply instantly, not only do you lose all concentration, you are also taking up time from a current task that is still not accomplished. Set aside time in your calendar each day to dedicate to answering people queries.

Here at Chipright, we are a huge fan of Richard Branson and one thing I constantly hear him saying is, write down all your ideas when they are in your head! Everyone should have an empty notepad on their desk, write down any ideas that come to you. Whether it’s a method of improving work flow for the next time around or a method to decrease pointless tasks write it down. If you don’t write your ideas down, they could leave your head before you even leave the room.

Set goals weekly and monthly. The key is to review these goals and set action steps each week. If you only do them as once off, or even once a month, you won’t remember them daily. This can help you keep motivated and keep your eye on what really matters.
If you fall off your weekly review, just re-focus yourself and start again the next week. Don’t let small slip-ups stop you from achieving your goals!

We are not talking about the 15-minute break you get for your favourite cup of coffee from O Brien’s, Starbucks or Chibo – it’s the time you take to connect with your passion to remind yourself why you work so hard each day.

Using the hashtag #CHIPRIGHTWELLBEING  tell us all how these small changes affect your daily routine