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Chipright is a leading provider of internationally traded design services in the fields of micro-electronic design and development.

The company was established in 2005 and since its inauguration has developed lasting relationships with numerous multinational companies through the world,  with a vision to supply value added silicon services.

Initially focused on high level IC Design and Verification activities- our customers rely on Chipright to recruit, supply and manage the highest level engineering talent.

As our customers’ requirements both increased and diversified, Chipright evolved to become a valuable supplier of engineering talent with expert knowledge and skill sets that continuously deliver quality workmanship on leading edge silicon product in Analog Digital and Software domains.

The company is led by an engineering management team with deep knowledge of the Silicon and Software design process.  Collectively with our consultant network, Chipright has a proven track record within the industry of delivering successful projects for engineering clients. Our engineering ability to capture project requirements and quickly provide the required skill set at an affordable cost sets us apart from our competitors.

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At Chipright, we employ the most enthusiastic and dedicated individuals. We are all extremely passionate about what we do, from customer services & online marketers to recruiters and our board of directors, and every one of us is responsible for the continued success and growth of Chipright. Feel free to contact us.

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Darran Withey
{{ HR Manager / Recruitment Manager }}
Galway, Ireland
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Annette Burke
{{ Analog & RF Tech. Consultant }}
Galway, Ireland
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Natalia Bisaga
{{ Technical Consultant }}
Galway, Ireland
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Conor Quinlivan
{{ Digital Technical Consultant }}
Galway, Ireland
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Gina Lawlor
{{ Technical Consultant }}
Galway, Ireland
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I recently used Chipright to supply me with a small verification team of 6. Chipright were able to source, screen and select the personnel for the team. They provided senior experienced test bench designers and very accomplished mid-level verification engineers to complete the team. The project was overseen by a Chipright appointed project lead- which made for a very smooth project. We were very happy with the final outcome- the communication was good from day one, the design was verified and we now have an outsourced model that we can rely on.
ipright are continually looking at ways to improve and add value to the service we receive from them. Their professional approach and the way they manage the account is of great value.
I recently used the services of Chipright for a permanent position. The role we had was quite specific, difficult to fill and needed to be somebody who would fit a certain criteria and also fit comfortably within our existing team and business. The added difficulty is that we ideally needed to fill the role quickly. Chipright managed to recruit an ideal candidate and following a well-managed interview and selection process we made an offer to the candidate to join our business.


Chipright is partnered with the 3 key EDA tool vendors in the industry, Synopsys, Mentor Graphics and Cadence. These partnerships provide Chipright with access to each of their front-end design and simulation tools and methodologies, enabling Chipright to develop its technology using the most up to date platforms.

When assessing customer needs, Chipright can give vendor independent advice on which solution is best suited for their development flows. Chipright will also ensure all our future products will be compatible with each of the simulation environments.

Chipright has invested heavily in research and development right from the start to provide its customers with innovative services and products. Enterprise Ireland, Galway Country Enterprise Board and Intertrade Ireland have all partnered and invested in Chipright.